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            Advice for the repair, conversion, restoration, conservation & renovation of historic buildings
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  • Independent, professional historic building consultancy service providing advice and assistance to meet your specific requirements through our subscription service
  • For anyone involved with the acquisition, ownership, occupation of, conversion, restoration, or renovation of any historic structure or landscape
  • Covering any historic structure from Iron Age forts to Art Deco flats including Pubs, Churches, Mills, Barns, Houses, Factories, Castles, Estates etc
  • Listed or un-listed buildings and structures, ancient monuments or man-made landscapes dating from before 1945
  • Database of craftsmen, contractors, consultants, and material suppliers experienced in working with the historic environment

    Subscription Benefits

  • Full access to our list of frequently asked questions on historic building matters
  • Your technical, planning, tax or financial questions answered by specialists
  • Tailored specialist professional services to subscribing members at preferential rates
  • Seminars, special events and training courses throughout the UK
  • Informative newsletters with useful articles, legislation changes, what’s on, etc
  • Full access to our database of specialist professionals, contractors & materials suppliers




The Historic Building Advisory Service (HBAS) is an invaluable resource for anyone who owns, lives in, works with or has a general interest in historic buildings, whether listed or not listed

HBAS is a subscription-based service that provides each member with access to specialist consultants offering a wide range of expert advice and assistance that is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

We help everyone from the general public through tradesmen and investors, to professionals, conservation groups, etc.

HBAS is run by professionals with wide experience of old buildings, structures and landscapes who have a passion for the conservation of our everyday as well as more spectacular built heritage.

If you need to know how to go about something / what materials to use / who the best people are to do the work, or even how to pay for it, then subscribe to HBAS.

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